Hacking at the Archives

Live from the Robarts Library at University of Toronto, Toronto, CA, we’ve just kicked off the first of the Archives Unleashed datathon series. This is a series of events that I’m co-hosting with Ian Milligan and Jimmy Lin at University of Waterloo, Nathalie Casemajor at UQO and Nich Worby at University of Toronto.

We’re supported by generous funding from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council, as well as the National Science Foundation (Award #1624067).

Archives Unleashed is a datathon event intended to educate graduate students and faculty on the various ways in which new advances in computing can be utilized to conduct research using Web archive data. Details on this first event can be found here, and we’ll be hosting a second event in June at the Library of Congress – details on that event are here.  It has been amazing to see the Web archive research community grow, and this event is just a next step in that progression – I’ll be sharing the outcomes once we wrap!