Current Research

Organizational Transformation
This research focuses on understanding the ongoing transformation of news media organizations in response to the emergence of new digital technology. Foundational work in this area emphasized use of hyperlink and other forms of web-based technology to enable transformation through the formation of alliances and the exchange on information between organizations. More recently, I’ve expanded this body of work to focus on the professionalization of new jobs roles in news media, as well as the integration of computational skills into modern newsrooms.

Computational Journalism and Local News
My work on computational journalism and local news is a multilevel, multiyear study focused on examining the intertwining evolution of computational journalism and local news organizations. First, with funding from the Democracy Fund, I’m working in collaboration with colleagues at Duke University to conduct a US-wide analysis of shifts in local news coverage. The survey examines a sample of 100 communities, and looks at the type and depth of coverage. Second, my research team is conducting in-depth research looking at a subset of the 100 communities to examine the process by which newsrooms in those communities are developing news apps and other computationally based endeavors.

NSF Internet Archive – ArchiveHub
With funding from the National Science Foundation, the goal of the Archive Hub project is to help grow and support an emerging community of scholars working with large scale digital trace data. There are a number of components to this work. First and foremost, this work has focused on community support through a series of workshops held around the world (Boston, Toronto, DC, San Francisco and London), bringing together interested scholars to discuss technical challenges and theoretical questions. In addition, the workshops have focused on educating graduate students about approaches to large scale digital trace data analysis.

In addition, information about the following research projects can be found on external websites:

Newsroom21: Research examining changing skills and work histories of employees working in modern newsrooms – funded by the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University.

EPIK: Evaluating Policymakers, Information and Knowledge – examining the ways in which policymakers engage with digital media and evaluate research evidence – funded by the William T. Grant Foundation.